Gold Jewellery Buyer


Company Profile

Our business establishment Gold Jewellery Buyer has been in operation since the year 2000 in Delhi NCR region. We started operations as a small company and slowly made inroadsfrom slow cities to bigger towns and metros.

With the methodical proceedings,we have been able to sculpt a new chapter in the domain of jewellery buying. What we are doing is quite simple followingthe ethical strategy and doing transpicuous deals.

Our management team believes that customer is always looking for a trustworthy buyer that givesthe maximal amount for their jewellery. We are aware of this fact and therefore put in the practice of offering irresistible priceto the seller. This is what we practice at the highest level and this strategy has brought us amazing gains.



In the next few years, we plan to expand our base to a higher level and open more than 500 branches across India. The other focus point of our mission is to start overseas operation in due course of time.



The major facet of our vision is to give a consumer-friendly atmosphere where they feel happy and it's also secure in doing the transaction.



We think that every customer is special to our company and needs attention and should be educated about our valuable jewellery buying services.Once the customer is well-informed they can make adecision about the selling of their precious metalsto us.