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When selling jewelry visit a resell jewelry market like us. We at Cash for gold & silverkings in Delhi offer to buy old broken and damaged gold jewelry. Our main moto is to offer the benefit to our valuable customers to earn a good profit from old jewelry. In the process we offer a full satisfactory service with our online platform as well as our retail store. By knowing us in person you can easily sell any valuable item with us with full trust. We are established 20 years back and counting our years with our positive services for the near coming future.

So far, cash against gold have been settled in almost all the neighbourhoods in Delhi NCR. You can visit any nearest store to your location. Moreover, we offer to home pick the items from the customer’s location within a range of 45 KMs for zero cost. Therefore, we run a no loss and no profit market, where we are able to fulfil our customers’ wishes from the beginning of our journey till now. With our effortlessly supportive services like free home pickup service, our customers are able to make most out of the selling of jewelry in an instance with a more secured way.

Also, our best and proficient gold buyers Delhi NCR offer the highest payment with any jewelry item you are looking for selling. We buy not only gold jewelry but also solid gold in the form of bars, ingots, coins, sheets. Sell your Gold & Silver Bullion, Jewelry, Bars, Coins, Silverware & Dental Scrap. Simply turn your old broken and unwanted Gold & Silver Jewelry in cash today

Also we offer more value than full price to match or compensate your financial needs, so visit us now with your valid proof of your jewelry and take back more than what is worth of your valuables. From our free delivery of the quotes, you would be able to distinguish our prices with other gold buyers in Noida or gold buyers in Delhi.

When looking for the best buyer of your valuables which is related with your sentiments, go with the most trusted jewelry dealer near you. Search us anytime from anywhere, we are available 24x7 to assist you with any kind of queries and also guide you with our procedures of the sell. In case you only wish to know about the market status, feel free to contact us. We will evaluate and test your jewelry free of any service cost. We use German recognised technology to test and verify jewelry with in an instance and offer the quote immediately.

Who are we?

We are the leading most second hand jewelry buyer in Delhi NCR. With our 20+ outlets, we are able to offer our services in any place in the region to help during the time of any financial turmoil. Our aim is to achieve the tag for the best jewelry buying service provider all over the Continent. To be that, we have been very best with our services over time and also offer the best services in the entire Delhi NCR. If you are interested in knowing more about our services, visit our website at Gold Jewellery Buyer Near Me and also read our testimonials to know better about our proficiency.

It is promised that our quality of service will not be similar to any other buyers near you. At cash for gold & silverkings in Delhi, we offer a fast, reliable, confidential and trusted service to cover all the basic needs. Simply convert and exchange your jewelry with immediate liquid cash or any other preferred medium our valuable customers seeks for. Moreover, we offer any high amount of cash in respect of the jewelry our customer’s wishes to sell.

If you are still in doubt, speak to our jewelry experts to know more about our services and also visit us to check the current market rates. In no time we will solve your financial problems and bring a solution to your hand. There is no appraisal needed to discuss your queries with us. We will help you reach the immediate answer to your questions in some fraction of seconds.For more information read our Blog.


In the next few years, we plan to expand our base to a higher level and open more than 500 branches across India. The other focus point of our mission is to start overseas operation in due course of time.


The major facet of our vision is to give a consumer-friendly atmosphere where they feel happy and it's also secure in doing the transaction.


We think that every customer is special to our company and needs attention and should be educated about our valuable jewellery buying services.Once the customer is well-informed they can make adecision about the selling of their precious metalsto us.

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