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The hardest metal on the earth is diamond. it is a precious metal, an example of wealth, a metal costlier than gold. If we compare gold and diamond we will see that gold has the same cost of any piece but the price of rhinestone changes if it is different it differs if it is of the same size and weight. It is more expensive but still not stored. In nowadays the investment in the hardest element on earth has increased in a very high amount. The reason behind gem to be a wiser investment than metal is that the metal will annual value increase at a small rate but the gem can give you an increment of 12% annually. So the gem has all the reasons to buy. But have you thought about selling it yes you are correct it is difficult to buy but at the same time, it is a very tough job to sell it with a better price. In our opinion, a less number of people invest in a gem in comparison to golden and silver metal. Here at gold jewellery buyer our range of service also includes buying diamond for cash which we have been doing for the last ten years in the Delhi NCR region cities like Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. We buy all kinds of diamonds. Just visit us at our outlet with the diamonds that you want to sell and we will tell you our purchasing price.

What To Keep In Mind Before Selling Diamond

First of all keep the knowledge of colour of gem and cut it has because after purity and weight these are the important factors that affect the price of the valuable the price of the precious thing rises exponentially, There are some very important and different kinds of factors on which our cash for selling diamond jewelry evaluation process is based on such as karat, clarity, color, cut and weight. All factors are taken into account by our team of experienced professionals at jewelry buying outlet before we give our price for your valuables you want to sell.


  • Less paperwork for your convenience.
  • A fair evaluation of your jewel in front of you.
  • We are always willing to give the best amount is given in return.
  • We keep secure the documents provided by you.
  • Very small time is taken in the whole process.

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