Exchange Gold for Cash

There is various instant cash against gold services that are being offered at our branch office, out of which exchange gold for cash is the most preferred service. In most of these types of companies, there are terms and conditions that they would not buy a smaller amount even they do not buy the broken tilted or very small pieces of jewelry but we have no such terms and conditions. We buy all kinds of valuable and for any amount; there is no restriction like the minimum metal quantity we buy.

We have an energetic team of experts who are always ready to give their services to the people who contact us, the team is always in getting set position so that they should reach the caller taking the minimum time or at the time they had given for the meeting. In case, the customer is not able to visit our outlet they can call us and should give their details after getting the location we will send our representative to their home. Customers do not have to worry about the evaluation at all as our representative will carry the necessary gadgets for evaluation of the metal and the finest deal is offered to the customer. We deal in denominations as well as cashless transactions so you don’t have to be worried about how we will pay it will all depend on you.


  • No hidden fee – we do not take any charges for evaluation of your jewelry.
  • Free home visit – we do not charge even a penny to reach your location even if it is pick up and drop it is totally free.
  • No minimum quantity – there is no limit of the quantity you can sell even very small weight.
  • Genuine deal – the deal will be clean and clear everything will be done in front of your eyes.
  • Minimum paperwork – very nominal paperwork is done just for security.

Gold evaluation Methodology

We here at Gold Jewellery Buyer use 100% accurate gold purity testing machine which gives the correct reading about the mixture of any other metals. The other factor that is considered when giving Instant cash against gold is the weight of the valuable that is being sold by the customer. When the jewelry evaluation report is ready then at first we offer a price then we discuss it with the customer and give our final buying price.

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