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In recent years, customers have been selling silver jewelry for cash to us because the highest price is offered. As per compared to gold the second highest amount of precious metal purchased is white metal. People with medium and lower financial conditions used to buy the second one as assets or jewelry it is not very cheaper but has a value not very much less than the yellow metal. The jewelry made by it is the first choice of the lower and middle-class families. Our research team found that a large population is curious about selling the jewelry made by it and them after getting the suggestions and to help peoples with this problem we started the deals. We are operating in this domain for the last ten years and have emerged as the top-notch silver buyer in Delhi NCR.

There is a no range of silver items that we buy including bangles, chain, bracelets, anklets, coins, pendants, etc. Moving further we want to make you aware that it doesn’t matter how old the silver item you have just come to our office, show us the silver item that you want to sell after analyzing its purity and weight we will give our buying price that can be according to current market rate and sometimes 10 to 15% extra than the current value. Getting cash for diamond jewelry in Delhi and buying transactions will be done in just a few minutes and we promise that the highest buying price will be offered in compared to any other shops like us.

Why Sell Silver with Us?

  • Less paperwork – the documentation process in our company is as small as it can be so it doesn’t take much time. It is important for security reasons to do the paperwork.
  • Payment methods – we use all the old and new ways of payment, our payment system is very much capable of paying using different ways like cash, cheque, internet banking, e-wallets, UPI, etc.
  • Free Home visit for buying the jewelery – We offer no cost take up and drop down of materials if it is asked by the seller. We also give a free visit to the location or home to give the service if a customer requests us to do so.
  • No minimum buying quantity – We don’t have boundaries of minimum quantity or quality of the product you want to sell.

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