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Our establishment is also counted amongstthe foremost Gold Buyer in Delhi NCR region as No1. genuineprecious metal dealer. Many people are not aware of the fact that gold can be exchanged for money during the gruelling times. This is an extremely new concept in India but originated in the western countries and today is vastly popular here.

In case, you have some gold jewellery that is not in use or maybe it's broken then you can exchange it for cash from us. We are using trustworthy methods for gold analysis and consider points like weight, purity and present-day gold rate. After that our accomplished team finalizes the price of the gold and informs the customer and upon approval, the deal is done.

There are numerous customers that have made massive amount by selling gold jewellery for cashwith us. Further, the amount you can get for scrap gold is massive which is beyond imagination. Many people just don't realize that they can get huge amount of money even from the selling old or second-hand gold. The other factor which customers think before going for the transaction is about privacy. Well, during gold buying we ensure customer privacy is maintained and the deal is done in a secure environment.

Special Features

  • Instant money transfer
  • Minimal transaction time
  • Safe environment
  • Least paper work
  • Trust & authentic deal
  • Customer satisfaction

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